Bahamian student-athlete finds home in Brock’s ‘diverse and supportive community’

The Brock Badgers are highlighting Black student-athlete and staff stories through a series of features as part of the University’s celebration of Black History Month/African Heritage Month in February. A list of events taking place throughout the month is available on ExperienceBU. Throughout February, Brock Sports and Recreation is raising funds for the Black/Indigenous Heritage Student-Athlete bursary through proceeds from an “All for Change” T-shirt, which is available online, and a portion of varsity home game ticket sales.

While living and studying in a new country has been challenging, the unwavering support of Brock University’s athletic community has made all the difference for student-athlete Liam Lyn.

“I’ve overcame several issues by simply being surrounded by great, kind and caring individuals,” said Lyn, a first-year Biomedical Sciences student and member of the men’s cross-country team. “These people consist of many varsity student-athletes. I found and continue to witness the welcoming, positive family environment the athletic department here gives me. It’s a diverse and supportive community.”

Originally from the Bahamas, Lyn is among hundreds of Brock international students from more than 100 countries around the world who call campus home each year.

“I am a mixed Bahamian, Jamaican and Chinese individual, which I’m proud of,” he said. “Growing up in the Bahamas, I never really experienced challenges due to my race. I’m a person of colour and grew up in a society where a darker skin tone is more prevalent.”

While Lyn said Black History Month/African Heritage Month (BHM/AHM) isn’t as much of a focus in his home country, he has embraced BHM/AHM initiatives around the University, such as the “All For Change” bursary fundraising campaign. He said his heritage resonates with the spirit of multiculturalism celebrated at Brock.

Lyn’s celebration of Black culture also extends beyond February to significant dates in the Bahamian calendar.

“In the Bahamas, we note important and historical days like Majority Rule Day, Emancipation Day, National Hero’s Day and Independence Day,” Lyn said. “It’s dates like these I can say exemplify the sense of Black history as these events highlight the abolishment of slavery, first instance of equality and the Bahamas gaining its sovereignty from the British.”

Lyn, who is also pursuing a minor in Psychology, envisions a future as a psychiatrist. His academic ability coupled with a deep understanding of self has led him to seek out mental well-being and happiness as well as success.

“Embarking on my student-athlete journey, I found inspiration not in specific athletes but in God as my guiding figure,” Lyn said. “I aim for a unique approach to success, valuing individuality while acknowledging the lessons learned from others.”

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