New Brock consecutive master’s degree pathway focuses on health education

A new online graduate degrees pathway launching this term at Brock University is aimed at students pursuing careers in health professions education.

Offered jointly by the Department of Health Sciences and the Department of Educational Studies, the new Master of Public Health and Master of Education (MPH-MEd) consecutive degrees pathway will allow students to complete both master’s degrees in an exclusively online format within two years.

The MPH-MEd pathway is designed to prepare qualified educators, researchers and health-care developers and practitioners who can advance the practice of teaching and learning in the health professions sector.

“Students graduating with both degrees will be equipped with the core competencies required to design, implement and efficiently manage health systems, as well as have the curriculum development and pedagogical skills needed to effectively educate stakeholders about public health initiatives,” said Mary-Louise Vanderlee, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Education.

Peter Tiidus and Mary-Louise Vanderlee stand next to each other in a large hallway at Brock University.

Peter Tiidus, Dean for Brock’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, and Mary-Louise Vanderlee, Interim Dean for Brock University’s Faculty of Education.

Graduates of the MPH-MEd consecutive degrees pathway could pursue health education research or work for community or government agencies, hospitals, clinics, research institutes, professional health education organizations, public and private schools, universities or non-profit health and education sector organizations.

“Health education is an essential component in keeping our communities healthy,” said Peter Tiidus, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. “It’s becoming increasingly important to have highly qualified health leaders in our schools, hospitals and other health organizations educating students, practitioners, the public and other stakeholders.”

Traditionally, an MPH and an MEd in Canada would each take two years to complete, for a total of four years. The MPH-MEd pathway allows both degrees to be completed within two years (20 months) because of its compressed format and use of advanced standing credits between programs.

To be considered for the MPH-MEd pathway, MPH students must achieve a minimum grade of 70 per cent in the Public Health courses MPHA 5P01, MPHA 5P06 and MPHA 5P14 to receive full advanced standing consideration when applying to Brock’s MEd program. This advanced standing gives MPH students credit in the MEd program for three similar courses, reducing the time it will take to complete two master’s degrees consecutively.

Nearly 20 MPH students have already expressed interest in continuing their online education at Brock by pursuing MEd studies through this new pathway.

“The Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences are working to make graduate education more accessible while delivering high quality programming,” said Suzanne Curtin, Vice-Provost and Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs. “Our students’ time is valuable, and this pathway helps streamline students’ ability to gain the skills needed to succeed in their careers.”

For more information about the MPH-MEd consecutive degrees pathway, visit the Master of Public Health website.

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