Brock employees honoured at President’s Celebration

Hundreds of employees gathered at Pond Inlet Tuesday for the Brock President’s Celebration, which recognized outstanding staff, faculty and librarians who have gone above and beyond for the University.

The annual gathering honoured staff service award recipients and celebrated employees who have reached 25- and 35-year service milestones.

Awards presented by Brock President and Vice-Chancellor Lesley Rigg included the President’s Distinguished Staff Service Award for Outstanding Contributions, the Office of People and Culture Distinguished Staff Service Award for Leadership, and the Brock University Outstanding Team Service Award.

Rigg said Brock is exceptionally lucky to have such a dedicated team that is creative, hardworking and passionate.

“Brock’s biggest strength truly is its people — all of you, who work day in and day out to make this institution what it is,” she said. “And I’m so happy to be able to recognize you all here today.”

Rigg commended those who reached service milestones of 25 and 35 years working at Brock.

“Your commitment to the University is unparalleled and your institutional knowledge invaluable to those of us a little newer to the institution,” she said.

Awards presented at the Dec. 12 event included:

President’s Distinguished Staff Service Awards for Outstanding Contributions

Three ongoing staff members were recognized for their exemplary service and significant contributions to the working environment at Brock at a level significantly beyond normal expectations. The 2023 recipients are:

  • Sha Shuang, Office and Operations Assistant, Professional and Continuing Studies
  • Tania Melnyk (BBA ’09), Director, Enrolment Operations, Office of the Registrar
  • Kim Pelchat, Manager, Instructional Resource Centres, Faculty of Education

Each recipient received a certificate of recognition and a $500 cash award.

People and Culture Distinguished Staff Service Award for Leadership 

Brock Library’s User Services and Engagement Manager Alicia Floyd was awarded for her proven record of leading and working collaboratively, engaging fellow employees, furthering the development of a respectful work and learning environment and culture, and building strong relationships and partnerships that enable the University to implement its strategic plan and related initiatives effectively. Floyd received a certificate of recognition and a $500 cash award.

Quarter Century Club  

16 employees were Inducted into the Quarter Century Club. They join 287 others who have worked at Brock for 25 years:

  • Melissa Beamer (BA ’98, MEd ’10), Manager, Student and Partner Engagement, Co-op, Career and Experiential Education,
  • Todd Bundy, Manager, Information Technology and Projects, Ancillary Services
  • Tony Di Petta (MEd ’93), Associate Professor of Educational Studies
  • Paul Dunn, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship, and Ethics
  • Brent Faught (BPhed ’89), Professor of Health Sciences
  • David Fennell, Professor of Geography and Tourism Studies
  • Kara Kelly (BA ’98), Manager, Recruitment, Operations and Communication
  • Martin Kusy, Professor of Finance, Operations and Information Systems
  • Kelli-an Lawrance, Associate Professor of Health Sciences
  • Pierre Lizée, Professor of Political Science
  • Nathan Murray (BA ’96), Aquatics Operations Supervisor, Walker Facilities
  • Brian Power, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Academic
  • Miriam Richards (BSc ’83), Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Mathematics and Science
  • Barbara Seeber, Professor of English Language and Literature
  • Kristen Smith (BA ’98), Manager, Off Campus and Community Experience, Student Life and Success
  • Allan Surrey, Manager, IT Infrastructure

35 years of long-standing service  

Four people were recognized for 35 years of service at Brock:

  • Hichem Ben-El-Mechaiekh, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Ian D. Gordon (MEd ’04), Teaching and Learning Librarian, Faculties of Math and Science and Applied Health Sciences
  • Michael Lozon, Cartographic Designer, Earth Sciences
  • Carol McIntosh, Manager, Printing Services

Brock University Outstanding Team Service Award 

The team recognized for their outstanding contribution, beyond what is normally expected, was Brock Animal Care Services (ACS). They were selected for providing the highest level of comprehensive care and ensuring the welfare and well-being of animals used in research.

Team members include Animal Care Manager Shawn Bukovac, Animal Care Technicians Kristin Bray, Sarah Kehoe (Bsc’17) and Kaitlyn Luttjehuizen (BA ’20), and Animal Care Attendants Jordan Albanese, Ahmad Mohammad (BSc ’22) and Natasha Hearn.

ACS was also acknowledged for constantly maintaining the highest ethical standards and regulatory compliance.

For more information about the nomination process for these awards, please visit the Office of People and Culture SharePoint site.

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