Supporting a safe and welcoming learning and working environment

Brock University is a safe and welcoming community. As students return to campus after the Reading Week break, we recognize that world events will be weighing on the hearts and minds of our students, faculty and staff. The University is asking faculty and instructors to exercise flexibility in the coming days with regards to academic considerations for students with safety concerns or who need additional support.

As we did in our message to the community on Oct. 13, we urge all members of the Brock community to be constructive and respectful when engaging in conversation about the situation in the Middle East, be it on campus, online or in the broader Niagara community.

Our campus environment thrives because we respect each other and our points of view. And while there is room for dialogue, there is no room for hate. Harassment and discrimination violate a person’s human rights and run contrary to the University’s fundamental values. As outlined in the Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy, all members of the Brock community have the right to participate, learn, and work in an environment that prohibits all forms of harassment and discrimination. Additionally, the Student Code of Conduct prohibits the infliction of emotional or physical abuse on others.

The University is committed to ensuring that all members of our community continue to feel safe on campus. We want you to know that Campus Safety Services is committed to supporting a safe and welcoming learning and working environment at Brock and has worked to enhance and strengthen safety and security on campus by implementing the following measures:

  • making additional staff available for campus safety patrols
  • increasing safety patrols in priority areas of campus
  • actively monitoring CCTV in heavily populated areas
  • continuing to work in close partnership with the Niagara Regional Police Service.

In the event of an emergency on campus, police, fire and emergency medical services can be contacted by calling 9-1-1. In addition, Campus Safety Services can be contacted for immediate support through the following means:

  • directly through the Brock Safety app.
  • by phone: 905-688-5550, extension 3200.
  • by activating emergency phones found across the campus (the ‘blue lights’).

Additional emergency and important other contact information can be found on the Campus Safety Services website.

If you have any specific safety questions or concerns to share, please contact Campus Safety Services at

To learn more about Brock’s Safe Walk program and additional support for healing from identity-based violence, email

Additional safety and wellness resources can be found here.

Badgers have a long history of coming together and supporting each other during difficult times, and we are confident that this tradition will continue in the coming days.

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