CARE and Connect team expands student resources

At a time of year when pressure starts to mount, a team of Brock employees is ready to help students with any concerns they may have.

In the past, Brock’s Campus Assessment, Response, Education (CARE) and Connect team focused primarily on receiving referrals related to students experiencing distress. An expansion of their services now sees the team striving to connect students to appropriate campus and community supports to ensure they enjoy a positive living and learning environment.

With trained professionals and protocols throughout the University available to assist with issues such as food insecurity, housing, relationships, grief, academic challenges or any other concerns that may arise, Student Affairs Case Co-ordinator Keeley Burger hopes the Brock community will make use of the team’s resources.

“Our team aims to be proactive in supporting students before a crisis moment emerges,” she said. “We are ready for referrals related to students who are at risk as well as to offer assistance with other concerns of any kind.”

Burger said the team uses a holistic approach to supporting students when they receive referrals.

“Our approach allows us to look beyond their academic needs and consider their physical, mental, financial and social needs,” she said. “Taking the time to understand the whole student allows us to guide them to supports and resources to assist students in achieving their goals.”

To ensure all areas of the University are familiar with the referral process, Burger and her team have distributed orange folders to every unit that outline how to respond to emergency and non-emergency situations. Students may also refer themselves to the team if they are experiencing concerns.

Associate Director of Student Affairs Darryl Veld said everyone can play a role in ensuring students access the services they need.

“Early intervention is a key success factor when managing mental health, and we all play an important role in supporting that process through our interactions with students,” he said. “By growing awareness of the CARE and Connect team, the University strives to foster a community of care on campus and to help meet the needs of students as they navigate this chapter of their lives.”

Additional information about CARE and Connect can be found on the Student Life and Success website.

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