Brock LINC launching student freelancer directory

The Brock LINC is launching a new initiative that will connect the public with students looking to share their skills for various projects.

After receiving many requests both from students looking to lend a hand and Brock and Niagara community members seeking assistance, the Brock LINC has opted to create an easier way for those connections to be made.

“When we talked to our partners in the Makerspace and Digital Scholarship Lab, we realized we were getting a lot of requests for student help,” says Farzana Crocco, Executive Director of the Brock LINC. “People wanted help with designing a brochure, editing a podcast or creating data visualizations. And we had students who would come to us asking about projects and where they could help out, but we didn’t always have the right opportunities on hand.”

Going live this fall, the Student Freelance Directory will help pair student skills and talent with small projects on campus and in the community.

Brock University students can sign up to be listed as a Brock student freelancer by registering their information and listing their skills, which can range from creative skills (such as painting, sewing and photography), marketing skills (such as graphic design, social media content and search engine optimization), research skills (such as fact checking, note taking and report writing) and technical skills (such as audio editing, website development and app development).

Individuals who are interested in finding a student freelancer can connect with the student directly to discuss a small project where their skills are needed.

Brock LINC will not be vetting or screening freelancers, or providing a platform to post projects as part of the experimental initiative, says Cassie Conte, Brock LINC Program Manager.

“It’s simply an opportunity to provide connections and opportunities for Brock students who are interested in freelancing or sharing their skills,” she says.

The Brock LINC will provide training and resources for students to understand the basics of freelancing.

Tamara Jensen, a local entrepreneur and principal consultant for Tamara Jensen Strategy, will be leading an Intro to Freelancing Workshop for students in October to guide them through an overview of freelancing and how to work with clients. Jensen will also be developing content for a resource library that students can access.

Students are now invited to sign up for the freelance directory, which will officially launch to the public towards the end of October after students have had the opportunity to complete freelancer training.

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