New student ambassadors ready to welcome international peers

As the Fall Term approaches, nine students from different corners of the world are preparing to welcome Brock’s newest cohort of international students.

Each year, the University selects up to 10 recipients of the International Student Ambassador Award, which recognizes international students who exemplify Brock’s mission and vision through academic achievement and community engagement.

Ambassadors work with Brock International to foster a welcoming environment for students from outside of Canada, mentoring new students as they adapt to life at Brock by sharing personal experiences and raising awareness about on-campus opportunities.

“Our ambassadors engage with international students to ensure they experience a sense of support from day one,” says Koreen McCullough, Manager of International Student Supports. “Social support transcends language barriers and cultural differences. Being warmly greeted by peers who share similar backgrounds and experiences is a universal form of connection that is essential for students’ personal and academic success, regardless of where they come from.”

Brock’s 2023-24 International Student Ambassadors include Aryan Jhaveri from India, Ariel Sone from Myanmar (Burma), Marium Nur from Bangladesh, Vinny Flores from the United States, Joana Xavier from Brazil, Areeba Bhajikhara from Kuwait, Joyce Adio from Nigeria, Sneha Sudha from India and Jasmine Nekounam from England.

Students interested in becoming an International Student Ambassador can apply in early 2024 for the 2024-25 academic year. Information about the next round of applications will be posted on the Student Accounts and Financial Aid website as it becomes available.

Learn more about Brock’s International Student Ambassadors on the Brock International website.

Aryan Jhaveri, India

Biomedical Sciences student Aryan Jhaveri chose Brock because he believed it would push him towards being the best version of himself. Now in his third year, he is encouraging incoming international students to get involved, keep exploring and be curious. Jhaveri identifies with the Indian, Gujarati, and South Asian communities, and participates in extracurriculars that will help him as he works towards medical school in the future.

Ariel Sone, Myanmar (Burma)

Third-year Nursing student Ariel Sone keeps kindness and compassion at her core. Choosing Brock for its accredited nursing program, she values the University’s friendly atmosphere and fondly remembers the key moments that helped her build friendships with her fellow international students. With her Brock degree, Sone plans to work as an emergency registered nurse in triage and trauma.

Marium Nur, Bangladesh

Marium Nur credits her positive university experience to the numerous social and cultural events available to students at Brock. Nur is in her fourth year of the Computer Science program and is minoring in Business Management with future plans to earn her Master of Data Science. She hopes to share her passion for extracurriculars to motivate incoming international students to join student clubs, seek on-campus jobs and attend events to make friends and memories.

Vinny Flores, United States

First-year Medical Sciences student Vinny Flores is connected to the Latin American community through his Nicaraguan roots. He believes in creating a support network as soon as students arrive and that taking advantage of campus events will help international students to adapt. A first-time Brock student himself, Flores already has plans to join the Brock Latinx Hispanic Students Association and explore other like-minded groups on campus. He will be using his opportunity as an International Student Ambassador to meet new people and get involved as he works towards a career in the medical field.

Joana Xavier, Brazil

Third-year Kinesiology student Joana Xavier is interested in physical activity, rehabilitation and sport. Intramural athletics and time spent at the Brock gym have helped her build friendships that she believes were critical in getting her through the difficulties she faced when starting her journey at Brock. She wants incoming students to know that the first steps are the hardest, but it will all be worth it. The beautiful campus, friendly people and opportunities to make memories on and off campus serve as her reminder that she made the right choice in coming to Brock.

Areeba Bhajikhara, Kuwait

Psychology student Areeba Bhajikhara is entering her fourth year at Brock. A member of the Psychology Society and the South Asian Women’s Society, as well as President of AIESEC at Brock, Bhajikhara recommends that incoming students be proactive, join clubs to meet new friends and seek support when they need it. She chose Brock because of the supports offered to students, including mental and physical health and well-being, and intends to make a difference in people’s lives through psychology in the future.

Joyce Adio, Nigeria

Fourth-year Public Health student Joyce Adio plans to bring her degree back to Nigeria to work in the field of infection control and work safety in healthcare settings. At Brock, she participates in extracurriculars she is passionate about such as the Brock University French Club. Adio encourages new students to do the same by exploring Brock, the Niagara region and the various opportunities offered for experiential learning through the University’s community partnerships.

Sneha Sudha, India

A tight-knit community, beautiful campus and the perfect course to match her career goals are what made Sneha Sudha choose Brock to earn her Master of Applied Disability Studies. Heading into her second year, she looks forward to continuing to volunteer and attend events on campus. Sudha was nervous the first time she volunteered as a new international student, but felt she was part of the Brock community by the end of the experience. She knows being an international student can be difficult at first but believes the struggle is worth it and recommends making connections and reaching out for help.

Jasmine Nekounam, England

First-year Recreational Therapy student Jasmine Nekounam is of Iranian and British descent and has been an international student in the United Kingdom and Central Asia. Her personal experiences prior to coming to Canada to attend Brock have taught her how rewarding it can be to learn about new cultures and build connections with people from around the world. Nekounam loves to meet new people and looks forward to spending time with other new international students like her.

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