IN THE NEWS: Crawford Lake, drinking in parks, teachers’ summer vacation and French protests

In recent media appearances, Brock experts discussed the impact of ongoing research at Crawford Lake, the history around regulation of public alcohol consumption, the ways teachers spend their summer months and the impact of protests in France on the 2024 Olympics.

Crawford Lake research appears in media outlets around the globe: Professors of Earth Sciences Francine McCarthy and Martin Head were featured in various media outlets from across Canada and around the world that discussed their ongoing research at Crawford Lake, which was recently selected by an international group of experts as the location that best records the start of a new epoch in geologic time.

Pints on patios, but not in parks — why drinking alcohol in public spaces is still such a big deal: Professor and Chair of Brock’s Department of Health Sciences Dan Malleck spoke to CBC about the history behind regulations that prohibit the consumption of alcohol in public spaces.

Teachers draw envy and ire over their two-month ‘vacations.’ But do they really get the summer off?: Associate Professor of Educational Studies Hilary Brown spoke to the Toronto Star about the various ways teachers choose to spend their two months away from the classroom during the summer months.

France’s penchant for protests offers challenge ahead of Paris Olympics: Associate Professor of Labour Studies Simon Black spoke to CBC about protest movements in France and their potential impact on and connection to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

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