GALLERY: Graduates shine as Brock’s 113th Convocation comes to a close

After a week filled with milestone moments for Brock and, most importantly, its newest graduates, the University’s 113th Convocation came to a close on Friday, June 16.

More than 400 graduates from the Faculties of Humanities and Mathematics and Science crossed the stage in Ian Beddis Gymnasium Friday during the last of nine ceremonies held from June 12 to 16.

Throughout the week, about 3,500 graduates from across seven Faculties received their degrees and marked a new chapter in their lives.

Spring Convocation included a historic moment in the University’s history as Lesley Rigg was formally installed as Brock’s seventh President and Vice-Chancellor on Monday, June 12.

The week also saw honorary degrees bestowed upon Indigenous entrepreneur Jenn Harper, founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics Inc.; champion of women in business Deborah Rosati (BAdmin ’84), founder and CEO of Women Get On Board Inc.; and hockey executive Kyle Dubas (BSM ’07), President of Hockey Operations for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

University Chancellor Hilary Pearson took time throughout the week to commend graduates for all that they have achieved and overcome to reach the Convocation stage.

Brock University Chancellor Hilary Pearson and President and Vice-Chancellor Lesley Rigg celebrate the accomplishments of the University's graduates during Brock's 113th Convocation.

Brock University Chancellor Hilary Pearson and President and Vice-Chancellor Lesley Rigg celebrate the accomplishments of the University’s graduates during Brock’s 113th Convocation.

“A university degree is a hard-won accomplishment that you should be proud of. And you, the Class of 2023, had some especially hard challenges in your time here, as did the classes of 2021 and 2022,” she said. “You had to live through the pandemic-imposed closure of campus and the need to work online, losing valued time in person with your classmates and teachers.

“Nevertheless, you and your families persevered to arrive successfully at today’s celebration. I applaud you all for your resilience and your drive.”

Pearson reflected on the words of classical Roman philosopher Plutarch: “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.”

“I hope that your time at Brock has indeed filled your mind and that it has also kindled a fire in you to explore your life after Brock with excitement and purpose,” she said.

President Rigg reminded graduates that though they are embarking on a new part of life’s journey, they are not alone.

“You are part of a vibrant and supportive community of people who are always here to offer you guidance, support and encouragement,” she said. “No matter where life takes you, know that you can always count on the support of your fellow Badgers. We’re here to help you along the way.

“And, of course, know that you are absolutely always welcome to come back home here to Brock University anytime you want.”

All nine of Brock University’s Spring Convocation ceremonies are available to view online at

Discover the full collection of Convocation photos by ceremony on Brock University’s official Facebook page.

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