Women in Leadership speaker calls for greater gender equality at the top

Despite efforts to break down gender barriers, organizations continue to grapple with the issue of gender and leadership, says Sadia Jahanzeb, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management with Brock University’s Goodman School of Business.

The two-time Emerging Scholar award winner will speak at the next Women in Leadership (WIL) meeting from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 23.

Women’s professional development and career success can be limited when they don’t fit traditional gender roles associated with leadership, Jahanzeb says.

She calls on organizations to shift away from the traditional narrow focus on masculine leadership ideals that can hinder women’s progress and “towards recognizing the differences and values women bring.”

“By embracing feminine leadership ethics, we can open up new possibilities for positive changes in how we view and practice leadership,” Jahanzeb says. “It is essential to recognize and value the diverse perspectives and strengths that women bring to the table and to create a culture that supports and empowers women to succeed as leaders.”

Jahanzeb’s scholarship focuses on issues related to workplace mistreatment, including behaviours such as workplace ostracism, bullying, incivility and abusive supervision.

All are invited to attend via Microsoft Teams. Details on this and other upcoming Women in Leadership sessions, including dates, descriptions and login information are available on the WIL website.

WIL is committed to supporting and advancing persons who identify as women to achieve and succeed in leadership.  Individuals are welcome to join the WIL channel on Microsoft Teams or to contact Jeannie Mackintosh to be added to the WIL email distribution list.

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