Public workshops aimed at developing creativity, innovation skills

Channelling creativity into an innovative idea or solution can be no easy feat, but a series of upcoming Brock LINC workshops aims to help people to do just that.

The Brock LINC is offering workshops this winter focused on developing creativity and innovation skills.

“Most individuals think creativity and innovation are separate skills, but really they go hand in hand,” says Cassie Conte, Brock LINC Program Manager. “Creativity and innovation skills are the ability to think of ideas and create solutions to problems without a clearly defined structure.”

The workshops will give participants the tools to come up with ideas and the framework to help develop problem-solving skills, which are increasingly important for the workplace.

In the Innovative Thinking workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 15, participants will take a deep dive into three core skills for living a creative life: curiosity, openness and inventive thinking.

Participants will learn how to deliberately nurture and develop these skills to start thinking more innovatively. The interactive workshop includes opportunities to practise each skill.

The Design Thinking workshop on Wednesday, March 8 introduces participants to a fundamental framework for problem solving, especially for designing customer experiences, products or services. The workshop will introduce five stages of the design thinking process in an interactive and activity-based format.

The workshops are open to all Brock University students, staff and faculty as well as members of the community. They are delivered in person and are free of charge.

To learn more or register, visit the Brock LINC website.

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