International dishes the star of upcoming grad student event

There’s no passport needed for the global culinary tour being offered at Brock Friday, Feb. 17.

Held as part of Cultural Integration Week, the International Flavour Fest, which is geared towards graduate students but open to the wider Brock community, will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Pond Inlet.

Hosted by Brock’s Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) and Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS), the event will include multiple tasting stations from a custom menu inspired by global cuisine.

The menu will include:

  • Pork belly, halal chicken and crispy tofu bao buns
  • Butter chicken naan flatbread (halal) with cucumber raita sauce
  • Vegan curried chickpea chana masala naan flatbread
  • A poutine bar
  • Assorted desserts

The event is free for graduate students, who can register on Experience BU, and $10 for other members of the Brock community, who can register on Eventbrite.

Students can take their globally inspired meal to go or have a sit-down lunch.

The GSA is the primary organizer of Cultural Integration Week, which aims to showcase the variety of cultures and heritages of grad students at Brock, while also bringing people together in celebration.

“It is a week that includes a variety of programming and inspires us as an organization to evaluate how we support and uplift our members continually,” says GSA President Haley Myatt. “The week is led by Alex Wilder, our Vice-President, Equity and Inclusion, and a committee of graduate students. I am proud of their work behind the scenes and look forward to their efforts being shared with Brock.”

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