Unique on-campus experiences help local students learn about Niagara’s university

Brock provides significant supports for prospective students from the Niagara region throughout the year, intensifying in the weeks leading up to Ontario’s university application deadline.

A group of students sits in the stands of a hockey arena.

A group of international high school students, who are studying at Fort Erie International Academy, joined Brock’s Student Recruitment team for on-campus experiences, including a tour and a Brock Badgers hockey game.

Hundreds of local high school students have visited campus in recent weeks for unique programming, including “reach ahead” sessions designed to help high schoolers get a feel for what university is like.

The sessions blend courses and experiential education opportunities around themes such as business, health and wellness, criminal justice and the arts, and include mock lectures, lab demonstrations, student panels and more.

Brock also recently hosted a Biological Sciences day, attended by more than 100 local high school students who donned white lab coats and safety glasses to take part in hands-on activities and workshops. On Dec. 1, a group of international high school students studying at Fort Erie International Academy toured campus and took in a Badgers hockey game — for some, the first hockey game they’d ever watched live.  

“Brock was founded in 1964 by Niagarans to serve the needs of the community, so our roots run very deep in the region,” says Matt Melnyk, Director of Student Recruitment. “That’s evident in our strong relationship with local students, educators and guidance counsellors, who we support throughout the year. We’re extremely proud that so many local students want to pursue their education here, and happy to provide this specialized programming to help them learn more about the exceptional Brock student experience.”

A group of students sits in the stands of a hockey arena.

Thorold Secondary School students Samantha Rocco (left) and Elijah Cosby perform a titration on an apple juice sample in the testing portion of the Oenology and Viticulture Tasting and Testing Lab as part of Brock’s Biological Sciences Day on Thursday, Dec. 8

The recruitment team also hosts special visits and offers tailored sessions for local high school guidance counsellors and educators, providing them with resources designed to help their students, as well as tours of campus facilities and updates on Brock’s newest programs. 

“We’re thrilled to be Niagara’s university and welcome any local student who wants to see what Brock is all about to come visit,” says Kara Kelly, Manager of Recruitment Operations and Communications, whose team includes a dedicated Niagara student recruiter. “The application deadline is coming up fast, but there’s still time to learn why Brock is the right place for you.”  

School groups or other organizations who want to book a tour of campus can do so online.   

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