Vigilance encouraged during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

While October may be filled with frights from Halloween ghosts and ghouls, a cyberattack at any time of year can be just as scary.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which is dedicated to helping people stay secure online by educating them on simple steps that can be taken to protect technology users’ identities and data.

This year’s theme is “see yourself in cyber,” which encourages a focus on the human elements of cyber interaction and security.

Brock’s Information Technology Services is encouraging students and employees to do their part as an essential line of defence against cyberattacks. If this line of defence is breached, cybercriminals can steal valuable information and assets, disrupt systems or hold the University for ransom using ransomware.

Brock currently experiences a multitude of cyberattacks daily, from phishing to ransomware, specifically targeted towards students and staff.

Along with remaining diligent, members of the Brock community can consult the following tips to better protect against cyberattacks:

  • Ensure devices are protected with updates, patches, anti-virus and firewalls.
  • Configure mobile devices to auto-lock and require a pin or password.
  • Regularly back up important files to Brock SharePoint/OneDrive and not on the hard drive of your computer.
  • Always be weary of sharing information with anyone who calls, emails or texts.
  • Never access sensitive information over free public Wi-Fi.
  • Use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.
  • Do not overshare information on the internet — especially social media.

Questions about cybersecurity protection can be directed to


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