Brock Media Clips for Friday, Sept. 2

Here’s a look at some of the media attention Brock University received recently.

Brock requiring medical masks in instructional spaces when classes start in September: Brock University’s decision to require medical masks in instructional spaces for Fall Term was featured in stories on Global News, CBC, CHCH and The St. Catharines StandardBrock’s Interim President and Vice-Chancellor Lynn Wells was also interviewed on the topic on Newstalk 610 CKTB.

Brock scientist and student contribute to new Mars research: Associate Professor of Earth Sciences Mariek Schmidt spoke to The St. Catharines Standard about the role she and Brock post-doctoral fellow Tanya Kizovski played in NASA’s Perseverance rover mission to search the Jezero Crater on Mars.

The Arctic Circle: A new frontier for sustainable wine: Brock’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute Director Debbie Inglis spoke to the BBC about the impact of rising global temperatures on wine production.

Should high school start later so teens can get enough sleep? Brock expert says yes: Brock University Associate Professor of Health Sciences Karen Patte spoke with Newstalk 610 CKTB about the impact a shift in high school start times can have on teen sleep.

Sharing summer stories enhances children’s language skills in school, Brock University experts say: Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics Lynn Dempsey and Writing Mentor Aleksandra Skrba spoke to The St. Catharines Standard about summer activities that can help to ease children’s transition to academic activities at school.

Scandals surround the start of the football season: Associate Professor of Sport Management Michael Naraine spoke to Newstalk 610 CKTB about scandals surrounding several players in the National Football League prior to the beginning of the season.

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