Charton Hobbs, Moët Hennessy advancing opportunities for women studying beverage alcohol industry at Brock

With the help of influential partners such as Charton Hobbs and Moët Hennessy, Brock University’s opportunities for diverse women looking to enter, advance and thrive in the beverage alcohol industry are growing at a competitive rate.

Building on the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s (LCBO) Spirit of Inclusion initiative, which was announced last October to increase representation and foster inclusion within the beverage alcohol industry, Charton Hobbs and Moët Hennessy are also committed to the important initiative in support of students and research of the industry at Brock’s Goodman School of Business.

“We believe that education is key to change the paradigms of our industry,” said Veronique Gonneville, Communication Director on the Moët Hennessy portfolio for Canada. Charton Hobbs is the strategic and distribution agency in Canada for Moët Hennessy, the largest luxury wine and spirits company in the world.

A generous gift of $70,000 from Charton Hobbs and Moët Hennessy to the University has created three new opportunities for diverse women studying at Brock’s Goodman School.

Primarily, funding for a LCBO-Hennessy Spirit of Inclusion Research Scholar will support the appointment of an important research role to uncover key findings needed to diversify the industry. Dave Bouckenooghe, Brock University Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, has been appointed to the role for a three-year term, which began July 1.

Through this position, Bouckenooghe, supported by two master’s students — with preference given to women and/or students from Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) and other under-represented groups — will contribute research to determine baselines related to gender and diversity in the industry through research and thought leadership, as well as identify barriers, other than financial, that inhibit growth in diversity within the wine, beer and spirits field.

A second opportunity aims to encourage diverse participation in the Goodman Group’s Wine Business Management Certificate. The LCBO-Charton Hobbs Spirit of Inclusion Wine Business Management Certificate Scholarships will be awarded to women registered in the program beginning this November and will grant $4,000 directly towards the program fee.

The scholarships will cover about two-thirds of the fee, drastically reducing the cost for women to learn from leading academics and wine business experts, while also building their professional networks within the industry.

With the exciting return to travel, the third opportunity encourages women to obtain a double-degree Master of Business Administration and Master of Science while participating in a year-long exchange in Dijon, France.

The LCBO-Veuve Clicquot — Spirit of Inclusion Mobility Bursaries will remove financial barriers for women looking to pursue a double degree program with France’s Burgundy School of Business. The bursaries will be available for students starting in fall 2023 — with a preference given to those specializing in wine management — and will award $2,000 to cover the cost of airfare and accommodation during their year in France.

“Brock is so excited to see our partnership with LCBO inspire support from other influential partners, such as Charton Hobbs and Moët Hennessy, on this important initiative,” said Sonia Dupte, the University’s Executive Director, Development and Campaigns. “Every one of Brock’s strategic priorities require the support of community partners to advance and, in this case, Charton Hobbs and Moët Hennessy’s support aligns directly with Brock’s commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, reconciliation and decolonization.”

Barry Wright, Interim Dean of Brock’s Goodman School of Business, said that while Goodman is proud to be continuously recognized as a leader across the beverage alcohol and wine industries, leadership comes with responsibility to ensure that equity and diversity for those industries start in the classroom.

“By responding to the social issue that is lack of equitable representation of women and diverse communities within the beer, wine and spirit industries, Charton Hobbs and Moët Hennessy enables the Goodman School to offer education and experiential education opportunities that are available to all, despite cultural, gender or financial background,” said Wright.

Reflecting on the LCBO, Charton Hobbs and Moët Hennessy’s recent support to advance an industry that leads the Niagara region, Brock looks forward to sharing stories of experience and triumph that are now possible for students, faculty and our community.

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