‘Bridging’ pathway provides new admissions options for prospective students

A new admissions pathway at Brock University is building bridges to post-secondary studies for students who may not have previously qualified.

Academic Bridging is a full-time, eight-month access-to-university pathway for applicants who lack the traditional academic qualifications for admission to Brock. The pathway is focused on non-matriculated students over the age of 21 and Convention refugees who can’t obtain transcript documentation.

Brock’s Director of Admissions Christina Bosilo said the University recognized the need for a new pathway to admission for individuals who have a desire and motivation to pursue a university degree, but do not currently meet minimum criteria to apply.

“Students often face difficulty gaining admission to full-time undergraduate studies when they do not meet minimum admission requirements,” she said. “This foundational year will provide them with the opportunity to bridge academic gaps, in a structured and supported way, with a tailored approach to ensure their success.”

This approach will see participants engage in non-credit tutorials while taking a reduced academic course load that will allow them to hone in on the areas of development needed to be successful in their studies.

With collaboration from the Registrar’s Office, academic Faculties and support units, the entire University has worked together to welcome students who have faced academic challenges in the past, but who have the goal to earn an undergraduate degree, Bosilo said.

“Moving the Academic Bridging admissions pathway from idea to reality required navigating academic governance committees to ensure quality, while also engaging in external research and environmental scans to identify best practices,” she said. “However, this has resulted in a pathway that is well situated to address the unique needs of these learners so they can be successful in their undergraduate studies at Brock and in their careers beyond Brock.”

With the Wednesday, June 1 deadline to apply quickly approaching, Bosilo said the Brock community is ready to welcome the Bridging Pathway’s inaugural cohort.

“We can’t wait to welcome these students to Brock,” she said. “We are so inspired by their desire to learn and we are looking forward to supporting them on their journey towards earning a degree.”

Interested applicants can learn more on the Admissions @ Brock website.

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