Brock research to be featured at Niagara Health event

When Niagara Health hosts its Annual Research Day later this week, there will be no shortage of Brock University faces there to share their ideas virtually.

More than a dozen participants from Brock will present Thursday, April 28 at the online event, which will feature keynote speakers, poster presentations and networking opportunities all focused on supporting a healthier Niagara.

Among the contingency of Brock presenters is Quinten Carfagnini, a Master of Applied Health Sciences student, who has conducted a study analyzing which factors are most likely to prevent people from being discharged from the hospital.

Carfagnini said the presentation will allow him to share his research directly with the people who can implement it.

“I’m excited to share my findings with Niagara Health and to get to know more people in my field,” he said. “It will be a great way to gauge how I can improve while also figuring out ways to collaborate going forward.”

As one of the keynote panelists, Associate Professor of Health Sciences Madelyn Law will be delivering a talk related to creating a learning health system that uses applied health services research.

Improving health services requires all partners to work together, she said.

“Working in collaboration with our community partners, such as Niagara Health, allows us to collectively identify important applied research topics that we can all work together on,” Law said. “When students can see the impact of their work and how it helps an organization learn and improve care for patients and the community, that is a special and important academic contribution.”

Raised in Niagara Falls, Carfagnini said the chance to make a difference close to home by partnering with Niagara Health made him extra proud of his research.

“I was born in a Niagara hospital and have a few family members who work in health care locally,” he said. “A major reason I came to Brock was so I could make a difference in my own community and to help people access improved health options.”

Law said Brock is uniquely positioned to be able to support research done at Niagara Health, which is considered a community hospital setting.

“Community hospitals are often not as engaged in research, given limited links and proximity to academic institutions,” she said. “However, with our extensive relationship, Brock and Niagara Health are well positioned to be leaders in community hospital research. It is important that we work together to advance learning and the growth of our next generation of excellent clinician scientists and researchers who will continue to be curious, innovative and improve care for our community.”

Niagara Health’s Annual Research Day is open to all members of the Brock community. To gain access to the free event, register online.

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