Brock updates mask requirements

Brock University requires all faculty, staff, students and visitors to wear a face covering that covers the mouth, nose and chin when indoors in any campus buildings.

As the COVID-19 Omicron variant continues to spread, Brock University is enhancing its mask requirements.

Effective Monday, Jan. 31, Brock employees will be required to wear a medical grade mask any time they’re in any indoor area on campus.

Departments can obtain medical grade masks for employees through Workday. See the Sharepoint bulletin How to Obtain COVID-19 Related Materials.

Employees working in areas that are not accessible to members of the public and are able to maintain physical distance of at least two metres from every other person in an indoor area may remove their mask. Any circumstance where employees are within two metres of another employee/person in these non-public areas would require all in proximity to wear a mask.

Examples of circumstances where an employee distancing could be impacted include standing up and moving through the workspace, approaching another employee and leaving the workspace. Employees need to be considerate of others and masks should stay on if any person in the room requests others to do so.

Masks must continue to be worn by all students and visitors to Brock in all indoor spaces on campus, and it is recommended that those masks be medical grade or high quality three-layer non-medical masks that optimize fit and filtration and that can be worn correctly and comfortably. Fabric face coverings such as buffs, gaiters and bandanas are not permitted at Brock.

The Niagara Region has developed guidance on acceptable/unacceptable face coverings.

See below for a full list of requirements and additional guidance:

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