Brock expert to appear on The Nature of Things Friday

Catherine Mondloch, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Face Perception Lab at Brock, will be featured in In Your Face, a documentary premiering on CBC’s The Nature of Things this Friday.

The documentary, written and directed by Josh Freed, explores how people recognize faces, how varied skills may be and how facial-recognition technology and artificial intelligence raises ethical questions and causes harm, especially among racialized groups.

Mondloch’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council-, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada- and Canada Foundation for Innovation-funded face-processing research examines an array of topics, including how people recognize faces at different ages, perception of emotions, forming first impressions and facial identification in applied settings.

Her work was most recently shared with the Brock community at two public talks on children’s ability to recognize faces and facial recognition across the lifespan in the Lifespan Development Research Institute’s Speaker Series, both of which are available for viewing online through the series web page.

In Your Face premieres Friday, Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. on CBC’s The Nature of Things and on the free streaming service, CBC GEM.

Watch the trailer here:

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