DWIVEDI: Don’t be (even a little) sympathetic to this PPC virus

Veena Dwivedi, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Brock University, had an opinion piece recently published in The Hamilton Spectator about how she believes bullying and racism in Canadian politics can be dealt with.

She writes:

“Now that the election is over, we can all take a breath. The best election news is that the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) did not get a single seat in the House of Commons. The worst news is that their repugnant views, especially toward visible minorities, were given a voice on the national and political stage.

Some national political commentators have suggested that the PPC deserves representation in parliament, that they deserve a voice. It’s also been suggested that if they were silenced, we might not like what other methods they might resort to. 

This view is reminiscent of another comment in a CBC report about two years ago which said, “Quebec Premier François Legault had a blunt message … for minorities worried about his government’s new religious symbols law: the legislation, he said, ‘could have gone further.’” Also: “There are people who are a little racist and don’t want to see religious symbols anywhere in public.”

Unfortunately, these views seem to imply that, well, you might not like these racists but … hey, it could be worse! This brings to mind an oft heard racist taunt: if you don’t like it here, go back to your country. Or else!

Ultimately, these sorts of views legitimize racism; in fact, some have said that PPC members are racist but ‘that’s how they feel.’”

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