Reminder: Brock Card photos must be submitted online

As activity resumes on campus, the Brock community is reminded that the process to obtain a new Brock Card has changed.

Photos for the identification card must be submitted online at, with no photos being taken at the Brock Card office at this time.

After uploading a photo, the user will receive an email indicating their card is ready and approved. Students, faculty and staff are asked not to visit the Brock Card office until they receive their approval email.

At this time, priority will be given to students, faculty and staff who require access to specific Brock facilities through their card. Replacement cards will also be issued to students as needed.

The online Brock Card photo submission process was implemented last year to improve service delivery and limit the number of people requiring in-person assistance during peak times on campus.

The Brock Card is used by students, staff and faculty to access a wide variety of services on campus, such as meal plans and library services. It is used as identification at exams, a recreation membership card and a transit card when affixed with a current bus pass sticker. It is also used to control access to specific areas and buildings on campus.

The Brock community is reminded that two versions of the Brock Card are currently accepted — those with a new aerial shot of Brock’s main campus and cards with a red background featuring the image of Maj.-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock. As the red cards are still accepted, they do not need to be replaced at this time.

To upload a photo or for more information on the Brock Card process, click here.

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