Impact of employee security violations at centre of Goodman talk

Employee behaviour is essential to the information security of an organization.

In this week’s Goodman Luncheon Speaker Series event, Teju Herath will discuss how moral disengagement — convincing one’s self that ethical standards do not personally apply — impacts employees’ actions.

Teju Herath, Associate Professor of Information Systems at Brock University.

The Associate Professor of Information Systems at Brock University will present her ongoing co-authored research in a presentation titled “Examining Employee Security Violations: Moral Disengagement Perspective,” on Friday, Dec. 4 from noon to 2:30 p.m. via Lifesize.

“Considering ever-changing and demanding security requirements, employees are likely to rationalize their noncompliant behaviour due to adverse effects of stressful demands imposed by security requirements,” says Herath, who is leading the presentation as part of her recognition as the Departmental Researcher of the Year for Finance, Operations and Information Systems.

“To deal with security related stress, employees may modify work tasks, including reducing the emotional distress by rationalizing and morally disengaging from the correct behaviour.”

The Goodman School of Business Luncheon Speaker Series provides Goodman faculty, staff and students with an informal opportunity to listen to and discuss recent advances in research, teaching and practices with international business colleagues.

Anyone is welcome by clicking on the Lifesize webinar link at the date and time of the scheduled lecture presentation.

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