Rave reviews for Brock’s online learning experience

Current Badgers had their first taste of online learning over the Spring Term and they’re hungry for more.

International students recently shared their first-hand experiences taking online courses and the interactive, online support offered by the University.

Tapan Mehta, a third-year Computer Science student from India, reflected on his experience studying Applied Calculus II: MATH 1P06 with Professor Dorothy Levay.

“It is very remarkable how she has put in so much effort into the online lecture sessions,” said Mehta. “She is very careful with her speed and keeps up with the students during the lecture if they are unclear and have doubts regarding the topic taught.”

Mehta’s feelings were shared by others students, including second-year Business Administration student and Kuwaiti native Aryan Tiwari, who expressed his gratitude in a YouTube video.

Nandwani Hassen, a second-year Business Communications student from Panama, was equally impressed with the quality of the online lectures, studying Introduction to Health Sciences: HLSC 1F90 with Professor Carolynn Pietrangeli and Senior Laboratory Demonstrator Martin Dragan.

“Professor Dragan made amazing video-lectures that were very engaging,” said Hassen. “They made me look forward to watching them and learning the material.”

Further enticing international students into the world of online learning is the flexibility on where they continue their studies.

The Government of Canada announced that international students who have applied for a study permit can take online courses from outside of Canada and count the time towards their future post-graduate work permit (PGWP). They have also provided additional information regarding how PGWP eligibility is affected by COVID-19 on their website.

“Students can have the same experience, whether they’re living a few blocks or thousands of kilometres away from campus,” said Leigh-Ellen Keating, Director, Brock International.

Chau Do, a third-year Bachelor of Business Administration student from Vietnam, is studying more than 13,000 kilometres away from campus.

“I have had an outstanding experience with studying the course online,” said Chau. “Although there is a significant time-zone difference, I received help from my professors every week.”

Students were also asked to provide feedback on the University’s support services.

Tanya Marwah, a first-year Science student from India who started her degree in May, praised the support offered by Brock International Services. 

“From academic coaches to Orientation, questions about my visa or language support, they have all made me feel like I am at home,” said Marwah. “All the workshops, webinars and one-on-one meetings have helped me not only in making things clear, but to make friends, too. In this pandemic, they have made sure to provide everyone with the necessary help they need and have gone out of their way to do that.”

First-year Community Health student Vipanpreet Kaur from India echoes his fellow Badgers’ sentiments.

“Brock’s student support is the reason behind my academic success,” says Kaur. “The one-on-one meetings with my academic coach provided me with in-depth knowledge of APA styles, paraphrasing and summarizing, which helped me to get flying colours in many of my assignments. I feel a sense of community even though I am far away from Brock, and the friendly staff who are quick to respond to my emails is the main reason for that.”

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