ITS offers support as Brock prepares for primarily online Fall Term

Brock students, faculty and staff are preparing for a Fall Term that will be primarily online, and Information Technology Services (ITS) is here to help.

As members of the Brock community set up their remote offices to get ready for September, it is inevitable that some will face technical difficulties. Whether it’s accessing Brock systems or needing a password re-set, ITS has created the ITS Service Catalogue to highlight the many ways troubleshooting can be done remotely.

The Service Catalogue offers support, details the tools and resource Brock has made available to support remote working and learning, and answers questions users may have when accessing Brock systems remotely.

Information on software support, security access, communication and collaboration tools, teaching and learning resources, a look into the Office 365 applications, virtual labs, and access to the ITS Help Desk are just some of the options available in the Catalogue.

Within each section, there is a further breakdown of specific items that students, faculty and staff can click through to learn more. Once a specific item is selected, the user will find details on each subject, FAQs and how to request help if needed.

Additionally, if a member of the Brock community needs help with a technical issue, they can submit an ITS Help Desk ticket. The user can either request help with something new (a password re-set or new software installation) or with something broken (issues with email, their laptop or compromised security).

To ensure a safe cyber Fall Term for Brock, all faculty, staff and students are also required to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) by Oct. 7 to access Brock systems.

The Brock community will need to enrol in MFA to access Office 365, Workday, Sakai, Virtual Labs and More information on MFA and details on how to enrol can be found on the ITS website.

Any questions can be directed to the ITS Help Desk at

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