ITS reminds Brock community to enrol in MFA as cyber attacks increase

Cyber attacks and account hacking are on the rise as hackers are targeting Canadian universities in hopes of stealing COVID-19 research.

To protect both individual Brock accounts and the University’s data and systems, it is critical for all members of the Brock community to enrol in MFA as soon as possible.

Once a faculty or staff member enrols, MFA will begin within 24 hours on their account. When a student enrols, MFA will begin on August 12.

The deadline to enrol for all faculty, staff and students is Oct 7. MFA will be required to access Office 365, Workday, Sakai, Remote Desktop Connections, and the new Virtual Teaching Computer Labs. Failing to enrol before the deadline means being unable to access these Brock systems.

If a user requires a One-Time Verification (OTV) Code Generator physical token for MFA, the user will need to request it through Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk as soon as possible or they will not be able to access Brock applications after Oct 7.

ITS is urging that all users enrol with their selected authentication method as soon as possible to help keep the University protected from future cyber attacks.

For more information about MFA, visit Brock’s ITS website or watch ITS’ MFA video.

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