Brock Media Clips for Friday, July 24

Here’s a look at some of the media attention Brock University received recently.

Partnership to address resilience in sustainable infrastructure through Prudhommes Project: Brock University’s project with the Town of Lincoln and the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre was featured by Niagara This Week and included in an Academica news item.

The impact of the border closure? More distance between U.S. and Canada: Niagara Community Observatory Director and Brock University Professor Charles Conteh was interviewed by The Buffalo News for a story about the impacts of the closed border between the U.S. and Canada.

Legendary Brock swimmer on winning the L.B. Pearson Award: YourTV Niagara Host Mike Balsom interviewed Elisabeth Walker-Young after she was honoured by U SPORTS.

Kate Bezanson + Herle and Byrne go one-on-one: Associate Dean of Social Sciences Kate Bezanson was interviewed on the Herle and Byrne podcast about the role childcare services will play in the lasting recovery from the pandemic. 

If you know of an appearance or story about a Brock faculty member, student, athlete or alumni, please drop us a line with a link to the story at

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