Brock Residence Awards go virtual

Despite having to move to a virtual format for the first time in 38 years, Brock Residence carried out its annual tradition of announcing residence awards.

The Residence Awards banquet is typically a night of celebration of the residence community at the end of the Winter Term. With residences closed on Thursday, March 19 due to COVID-19, the department opted to an online platform delivery over social media during a week-long celebration.

More than 80 awards were announced over Brock Residence’s Instagram from April 27 to May 1.

“The residence awards are a great way to celebrate residence life,” said Jamie Fleming, Brock’s Director of Residences. “It’s an opportunity to recognize all the individuals and residence communities who breathe ‘life’ into our buildings and make residence so much more than just a place to eat and sleep.”

Administrative Assistant Trina MacPherson, who has worked as Brock since 2012, was named the winner of the Les McCury-Myers Award, which is presented to a staff member who has provided exceptional ongoing commitment to the support and development of student leaders.

“Trina consistently brings a positive face to residence and works diligently in administration to ensure that residence runs smoothly,” said Amanda Ziegler, Manager, Residence Life. “She is patient with incoming staff and takes time to teach them the ins and outs of the systems. She is an example of true consistency and is very deserving of this award.”

“It’s rewarding to have such a great team to work with every day,” said MacPherson. “We get the chance to know our students really well and interact with them every day beyond the normal classroom hours. This is their home away from home. Our students bring such energy and light, so there’s never a dull moment.”

Over the course of the calendar year, MacPherson works in multiple areas of Residence and sits at many different desks. During the summer, she’s part of the residence admissions team, and during the academic year, MacPherson supports both residence life and residence facilities teams.

“She is a first point of contact for many residence students, and res student staff, too,” said Fleming of MacPherson. “She has first-hand knowledge of the integrated nature of residence operations since she works in all functional areas. Trina is always willing to help in any way to support her colleagues.”

Other major award winners include Nirvana Chan Chow, who received the Shaeffe Hall Award, which is given to a student in residence with high academic standing and who has made a worthy contribution to residence life.

The McBride Award, given to one student in every residence hall for contributing to the quality of residence life, was presented to Simon Denford (DeCew), Kate Beverly (Vallee), Jodi DaSilva (Quarry View), Bailey Demeulenaure (Lowenberger), Matthew Olsden (Village) and Jocelyn Richardson (Loft 9).

Fleming said his department’s mantra is, “Residence is more than just a place to eat and sleep. It’s about the people.”

“Living right on campus, surrounded by so many other students, provides endless opportunities to engage in the many aspects of the university life: academically, socially, culturally,” said Fleming. “A lot of learning and ‘growing up’ happens in residence. In many cases, the bonds of residence friendship last a lifetime.”

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