Spring/Summer Term courses offer diverse options for all students

As students begin to re-formulate their plans for spring and summer in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brock University is offering more than 700 online courses designed to help them make their spring and summer count.

Beginning in early May, courses in a variety of different formats, ranging from two-week condensed courses to summer-long, full-credit offerings, will get underway.

With all courses being offered online, Madelyn Law, Brock’s Associate Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning, said the available options allow students from anywhere in the world to access required credits or discover electives they may not have had time for during the year.

“If life circumstances at this time allow for students to consider getting ahead in their studies, the Spring/Summer Term allows for hundreds of different opportunities to pick up a core course or an elective,” she said. “With all of the courses taking place online, students can complete credits from anywhere and do so in a flexible way that fits their life.”

To ensure a variety of options are available to as many students as possible, Law said a number of courses have no prerequisites and are open to participants from any Faculty.

“Brock has a lot of really interesting and diverse courses that students might not have thought of taking before,” she said. “With many options being open to everyone, it’s a great time to pick up an elective that allows students to think outside of their specific area or allows them to pursue something that is a personal interest that may not fall within their degree stream.”

One of the courses that is open to everyone is SCIE 1P52: Chemistry in Everyday Life, taught by Lydia Chen, which aims to teach students the basic chemical knowledge needed to evaluate current controversies involving food, health, drug and energy issues.

Or students can take a course offered by Paul Gray, LABR 1P95: Introduction to the Canadian Labour Movement, which includes a mix-tape of songs that are relevant for each lesson and features a collection of “New and Noteworthy” articles, videos and resources about current events

Maggie Whitfield, Manager of Brock’s A-Z Learning Services, said her team has a number of different resources to assist students taking any course.

“Our team is ready to support students virtually this spring and summer,” she said. “Online workshops and drop-in sessions are available during pre-scheduled times, and students can email learning@brocku.ca to request additional support.”

Law said Brock’s Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI) is providing similar supports for instructors.

“The CPI team are continuing to work with faculty to ensure their courses are accessible and engaging to students in the online environment,” she said.

To learn more about Brock’s Spring/Summer Term courses and to register, visit the Admissions @ Brock website.

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