New options for final grades provide students with choices

With the sudden and unplanned disruption to the academic term, Brock University is implementing a series of measures to ease burdens and uncertainties for students.

To address these uncertainties, on Wednesday, April 1 the Brock University Senate approved new options providing students with greater flexibility and choices on how grades are presented on transcripts for any course affected by the Winter 2020 COVID-19 disruption.

Students will be able to choose one of the following three options regarding final grades:

Option 1

  • Students choose to maintain the alpha/numeric grade assigned for the course (the default option).

Option 2

  • Students choose to replace the alpha/numeric grade with a designation of Credit/No Credit Grades During Disruption.

A “Credit During Disruption” notation will appear on the transcript beside the course if the student achieves a passing grade (in accordance with the Faculty Handbook).

A “No Credit During Disruption” will appear on the transcript beside the course if the student does not achieve a passing grade.

Should a student select this option and receive a “Credit During Disruption” or a “No Credit During Disruption,” the final mark will not appear on the transcript and the designation will have no impact on the student’s academic average.

Option 3

  • Students choose to replace the alpha/numeric grade with a special withdrawal code: “WDD – Withdrawal During Disruption.”

Regardless of whether the course is passed/not passed, the student will be permitted to withdraw from the course without academic penalty. The WDD designation will not have any impact on the student’s academic average.

Once grades are made official, students will have three weeks to request, through the Office of the Registrar, an academic grade alteration indicating their preference for Option 2 or Option 3 above. If a student does not make their preference known, the alpha/numeric grade assigned will be deemed final. No adjustments will be considered after this time.

For Graduate and Honours Undergraduate Students: Please give careful consideration before choosing the second option if you are a graduate student or are intending to apply to either graduate school or a professional program, where numeric grades are factored into acceptances and entrance award decisions. Please consult with your Graduate Program Director, supervisor, or departmental advisor to assist you with making a decision that will best support your future goals.

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