Brock to launch Engineering programs

Brock University is launching bold new engineering programs designed to shape the future of technology.

Placing employability of students at the core, graduates will come out of the program poised to work with megatrends like food innovation, additive manufacturing and robotic process automation while mastering conceptual skills like emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility and complex problem-solving.

“Engineering at Brock will focus on a humanist perspective; in particular, the urgent need to protect the environment on a local, national and global scale,” said Greg Finn, Provost and Vice-President, Academic. “As the University is located on a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, we have always been committed to sustainability.”

The program was designed in consultation with professional associations, as well as top engineering companies in Ontario.

The program’s development team was headed by Special Advisor Janusz Koziński and included scholars from all of the University’s academic Faculties.

After launching this month with a minor in Engineering Science, the program will expand into a full realm of undergraduate and graduate degrees, including a Master of Engineering (MEng professional degree); Bachelor of Engineering (BEng); Master of Applied Science (MASc research-based); and PhD (research-based).

Since the University’s inception, the academic architects of Brock were committed to introducing professional education — including Engineering — to the community as a fundamental part of the University’s mission.

“Every University must adapt to meet the changing needs of the community it serves,” said Finn. “That includes providing students with the opportunity to study relevant and inspiring subjects that also respond to the needs of employers who are seeking graduates with the skills to succeed in the new, technology-driven economy.”

The bold and rigorous program was also informed by the University’s Institutional Strategic Plan, in which four key priorities include expanding the University’s research capacity and offering a transformational and accessible academic and university experience.

The Integrated Engineering program will include multiple experiential learning opportunities to give students real-world experience, build industry connections and enhance professional skills.

“Brock is a community of trailblazers,” said Finn. “Our mission is to equip and empower a new generation of young minds to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

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