Event encourages students to avoid procrastination

It’s a can’t-miss occasion for the 400 students set to pack Brock University’s Market Hall.

But unlike the sports and community events that regularly draw the University’s lauded student engagement, the fifth-annual Night Against Procrastination will zero in on academics to focus on the major assignments students are currently completing.

Run by A-Z Learning Services in partnership with numerous other units across campus, the event on Wednesday, Nov. 13 serves as a one-stop shop for academic assistance, wellness exercises and complementary brain food, all of which ensure students are alleviating stress and getting a jumpstart on their academic commitments.

Allyson Miller, Manager of A-Z Learning Services, said getting ahead on assignments has multiple benefits.

“Schoolwork always suffers when students have to rush, and so does the quality of their learning,” she said. “When they give themselves enough time in an environment like this, they can produce their best work and maintain a positive mental well-being.”

Along with academic resources available to provide students with group tutoring, quiet study spaces, writing skills and one-on-one support, there will also be activities like indoor gardening and fiber crafts to provide a temporary break for those in need.

With the event running from 6 p.m. until midnight, hunger is another consideration the A-Z team have prepared for, with hot soup, bowls and spoons available to all who attend.

Peer Mentor Laura Stansfield said the evening’s extensive resources make it a great place for students to address the assignments they may have been dreading.

“We offer all of the help they need on the assignments they may not feel as confident on, from laying out papers correctly to properly sourcing it,” she said. “The atmosphere is inspiring and really makes you want to get your work done.”

Though the fourth-year Applied Linguistics student helps others with their assignments, she said the night had a positive effect on her own work as well.

“Last year, the atmosphere was so inspiring that I woke up the next morning and got to work right away on my own assignments, even though I’d been up past midnight helping others,” said Stansfield.

With volunteers and staff members spread throughout Market Hall and its surrounding rooms, Miller looks forward to watching the interactions that make the night so beneficial.

“It’s such a multidimensional gathering,” she said. “We know students come to get their projects done, but they’ll also improve their skills, relax, have fun and learn about all of the resources available to support them while they are here.”

To register and learn more about the Night Against Procrastination, visit ExperienceBU.

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