Thesis defences — Aug. 19 to 23

The following is a list of thesis defences taking place at Brock from Monday, Aug. 19 to Friday, Aug. 23.

All are open for the University community to attend.

Master of Arts thesis defences

Master of Arts in Critical Sociology student Michelle Lesley Annett will defend the thesis “Doing What ‘Works Best’: Exploring the Narratives of Mothers Who Work as Strippers” on Tuesday, Aug, 20 at 10 a.m. in WH 147.

Her examination committee includes Dawn Zinga, Chair; Andrea Doucet, Supervisor; Stacey Hannem, External Examiner (Associate Professor, Department of Criminology, Wilfrid Laurier University); Jane Helleiner, Graduate Program Director; and Kate Bezanson and Mary-Beth Raddon, Committee Members.

Child and Youth Studies Master of Arts student William Janssen will defend the thesis “Thinking (and Thinking…) About Perfection: A Test of the Perfectionism Cognitions Theory” on Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 2 p.m. in WH 147.

His examination committee includes Angela Book, Chair; Danielle Sirianni-Molnar, Supervisor; Kathryn Fletcher, External Examiner (Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, Ball State University); Shauna Pomerantz, Graduate Program Director; and Dawn Zinga, Ayda Tekok-Kilic and Tim Murphy, Committee Members.

Master of Science thesis defences

Andrei Solodinin, a Master of Science candidate in the Department of Chemistry, will defend his thesis titled “Synthesis of fluorinated nucleosides for probing DNA conformations via 19F NMR spectroscopy” on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 9 a.m. in WH 147.

His examination committee includes Cheryl McCormick, Chair; Tony Yan, Supervisor; Jean-Paul Desaulniers, External Examiner (Ontario University Institute of Technology); and Melanie Pilkington and Travis Dudding, Committee Members.

Devin Patrick Ward, a Master of Science candidate in the Department of Biological Sciences, will defend his thesis titled “Engineering Optogenetic Control of Endocytic Recycling: Controlling Rab11 Function in Drosophila melanogaster using Engineered Light-Responsive Nanobodies” on Thursday, Aug. 22 at 9 a.m. in PLZ 600F.

His examination committee includes Cheryl McCormick, Chair; Aleksandar Necakov, Supervisor; Roger Jacobs, External Examiner (McMaster University); and Alan Castle and Heather Gordon, Committee Members.

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