BUSU’s Food First program gets boost from Ancillary Services

Through a partnership with the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU), Brock’s Ancillary Services has been hard at work helping to ensure no student on campus goes hungry.

At the beginning of the academic year, Ancillary Services jumped at the opportunity to support the growing demand being seen through BUSU’s Food First program, which supplies students in need with food and hygiene products.

The Ancillary Services team has since been able to provide more than $10,000 toward the food bank through proceeds from Brock Sports Meridian Series games (Steel Blade and Paint the Meridian Red) as well as Swipe it Forward events with Dining Services. Facilitated by Sodexo, Swipe it Forward took place over two days and encouraged the Brock community to donate $1 to $5 while purchasing a meal at any dining location across campus.

Bryan Boles, Associate Vice-President of Ancillary Services, said the decision to support the worthy cause required no deliberation.

“Food insecurity is a cause that I have always been passionate about,” he said, “and learning that our on-campus food bank needed support due to increased demand provided a great opportunity to partner with BUSU.”

Malcolm Dales, Associate Director Operations, Ancillary Services, said there’s a need on campus for this type of support to continue.

“Food insecurity is a real issue that faces many students at Brock and we were eager to find a way to contribute in a meaningful way,” he said.

The partnership between Ancillary Services and BUSU has allowed BUSU to serve more students with food and health insecurity needs.

“This year, BUSU’s Food First program provided more than 1,200 food packages to undergraduate and graduate students — the highest usage rates ever experienced in the history of the program,” said Heather McLean, BUSU’s Director of Business Operations.

“Clearly students are increasingly experiencing food insecurity at alarming levels, and so on behalf of BUSU and the Food First program and staff, we wish to extend our sincere gratitude to Brock Ancillary Services for their partnership and support, which has allowed us to serve more students than ever before.”

BUSU first began providing food bank services in 2011. The program has continued to evolve through the years before becoming Food First, as it is known today, in 2016.

BUSU and Ancillary Services are both looking forward to reflecting on the past year and planning for future opportunities to grow this partnership.

To access the program or find out more details, visit the Food First web page.

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