Event to tackle procrastination happening next week

As the chilly winds of winter loom, so do the end-of-term deadlines that often lead students to find something — anything — to put off doing their schoolwork.

For the fourth consecutive year, A-Z Learning Services is helping students fight the urge to wait until the last minute to prepare for their final exams and assignments by providing a space where they can complete their work while also participating in wellness activities to offer peace of mind during a busy time of year.

The Night Against Procrastination will return to Brock’s Market Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 14 from 6 p.m. to midnight with a diverse offering of study and wellness activities.

Students filled Market Hall to participate in last year’s Night Against Procrastination event.

Through partnerships with various University departments, students will experience an atmosphere that’s uncommon during crunch time, said Allyson Miller, Manager, Learning Services.

“There are not a lot of things that strike a balance between academic productivity and celebration,” she said. “And, it’s really fun for us to celebrate the work that the students do while keeping them going with free soup and popcorn.”

With both group and individual study spaces available, as well as tutoring sessions and academic workshops, there’s no shortage of resources to offer an extra push for students to get ahead on their final assignments and exams. And when a break is needed, wellness exercises that include aromatherapy, indoor gardening and balloon animals will help to ease anxiety and create a sense of well-being.

Second-year Medical Sciences student and Chemistry drop-in tutor Veronica Zajic took part in the event last year and will be working as a tutor this time around.

“I know first-hand how helpful the tutors can be,” she said. “I’m looking forward to engaging with students and being able to offer some help at a really crucial time of year.”

Zajic and the other volunteers will contribute to a significant increase in program-specific tutoring at this year’s event. Other new additions include use of the brand new Student Success Centre facilities and a hot chocolate bar to be served at 10 p.m.

With crowds doubling each of the past three years, Miller hopes to see even more students taking advantage of the night’s services.

“Hopefully, when they walk away they will first and foremost have gotten started on something they needed to get done,” she said. “Also, they may leave with a strategy or skill they didn’t have when they walked in from an academic or wellness perspective. Combining these lessons will allow them to further their goals while also having fun.”

To register and learn more about the Night Against Procrastination, visit the ExperienceBU website.

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