High marks for Brock on research funding national report

Brock University scored third place out of 18 universities in its category for corporate research income growth according to a national company that tracks the country’s research and development performance.

Funding from industry partners for research at Brock jumped 69.1 per cent from 2013 to 2017, says Research Infosource’s latest report, released Thursday, Oct. 25.

This funding totalled nearly $2.9 million over the five-year period, placing Brock 13th in the undergraduate tier. Industry income made up four per cent of Brock’s total research income, according to the Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities 2018 report.

Although Brock has had graduate programming for more than a decade and offers nearly 50 master’s and doctoral degrees, the ranking agency places Brock and other comprehensive universities in its ‘undergraduate’ category, which Research Infosource describes as “universities with mainly undergraduate programs.”

Brock also scored highly in the not-for-profit research income categories, which refers to funding in the form of research contracts and grants from not-for-profit organizations and foundations.

The University’s not-for-profit research income was valued at $6.4 million for this five-year period, ranking seventh in the undergraduate category in terms of overall amount and growth. This comprised 8.8 per cent of Brock’s total research income between 2013-2017, says the report.

“The fact that Brock’s corporate and not-for-profit income have both expanded rapidly is a sign of growing engagement with the community and excellent evidence of research impact,” says Ron Freedman, CEO of Research Infosource.

Brock Interim Associate Vice-President, Research Michelle McGinn says forming partnerships with a wide array of community partners is key to Brock’s research success.

“Research exists to make a difference,” she says. “The support of industries, non-profit organizations and other partners is vital to ensuring that innovations and insights will improve the lives of people dealing with real-life situations.”

Research Infosource Inc. tracks post-secondary institutions’ research performance in a wide variety of areas.

Brock’s total research income for fiscal 2017 is listed as being $14.2 million, placing the University 10th in the undergraduate category and 39th out of Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities in Canada.

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