Brock staff asked to help answer questions

With thousands of students and their families arriving at Brock for the new school year, Brock staff are being asked to pitch in when it comes to providing answers.

Previously launched as part of Student Life and Community Experience’s BrockU 4U campaign, the Ask Me buttons have become a valuable part of the toolkit used to welcome new students to the University.

“Even in a busy hallway, the buttons are easy to spot,” said Bradley Clarke, Director, Student Life and Community Experience. “They offer a sense of comfort and reassurance to students who are experiencing their first few days on campus and may need a bit of guidance from a friendly face.”

As part of the campaign, ‘Ask Me’ booths will be set up in high-traffic areas on campus beginning Sunday during the annual Move-In Day event. Staffed with trained student ambassadors ready to answer any and all questions, the booths will continue to appear in a variety of locations throughout September.

Expanding on the program, Brock staff are asked to offer their assistance by volunteering to wear an Ask Me button as they walk through the halls over the coming couple of weeks.

“We realize that not all staff members will be able to answer every question a guest or new student might have, but they’ll be able to provide some guidance on where they can go to find the answers,” Clarke said.

The buttons can be picked up in the Student Life and Community Experience office located at Mackenzie Chown A204.

For more information on the BrockU 4U campaign, or to access a search tool with answers to many of the common questions being asked, visit

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