Brock exchange offers worldly experience

For Hannah Peter, globetrotting is no foreign concept.

From an early age, the third-year Women’s and Gender Studies student was fortunate enough to travel throughout the United States, Europe and East Asia.

Each trip reinforced the idea that valuable lessons were to be learned from overseas experiences, and her most recent journey is no exception.

The Niagara Falls native is on exchange more than 9,000 kilometres from home at the University of Koblenz in Remagen, Germany, where she is embracing the country’s culture and academic life.

Hannah Peter

Hannah Peter, a third-year Women’s and Gender Studies student from Niagara Falls, is on exchange in Remagen, Germany.

As a participant in Brock’s exchange program, Peter hopes to gain a better understanding of the German culture while also developing her English and German language skills.

She is studying on a small 3,000-student campus on the Rhine river that was awarded world heritage status by UNESCO for its beautiful scenery and architecture.

“I have always wanted to learn a second language and there is no better way than immersing yourself in the language,” Peter said.

Now seven months into her year-long exchange, Peter is thriving in her home away from home and has secured an internship at her host institution. In the new role, she is working as an event photographer and teaching assistant to two professors for English-taught business classes, marking exams, helping German students with English learning software, and creating completion certificates for international seminars.

Both Germany’s education system and Peter’s internship program promote hands-on work experience, allowing her to apply theory in a working environment.

“The experience has given me very practical knowledge,” she said.

While participating in Brock’s exchange program at a host institution in a foreign country, students continue to pay their Brock tuition and receive course credits towards their Brock degree.

Peter encouraged students to take the leap, go on exchange and experience life through the eyes of people in another culture.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to create friendships with people who have grown up in a different culture from your own,” she said. “You are able to teach each other new perspectives, both on the world and on yourself.”

Exchange opportunities are currently open to all majors. Interested students must be entering at least their second year of study during the Fall 2018 semester and have a minimum overall average of 70 per cent to apply.

To learn more about the available exchange opportunities with Brock University, visit the program website.

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