Dozens of Brock student-athletes make Academic All-Canadians list

Being a good student takes dedication and hard work, and being a good athlete is equally difficult. But to be successful in both athletics and academics, one must be a master of time management.

Nearly 70 Brock University student-athletes were named to the 2016-17 Academic All-Canadians list for finishing the year with an average of 80 per cent or higher. On Monday, March 19, they were honoured at a Brock Sports award banquet at Pond Inlet.

For fifth-year women’s wrestling team member Indira Moores, the balance is easier when you enjoy what you do.

“I’m pretty fortunate in that I like doing both — training and competing, along with studying,” said Moores, a Physical Education student who is minoring in Woman and Gender studies.

Moores said there have been many times when she has found herself in a hotel room somewhere across Canada working on homework or studying for an exam.

“That’s just normal,” said the 23-year-old Sudbury woman.

Moores was one of 32 students in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (FAHS), and one of 68 overall to make the Academic All-Canadians list.

“Being an athlete focuses your attention. You know you have 30 minutes to get an assignment done, so there’s a lot less procrastination and a better ability to manage your time,” said FAHS Dean Peter Tiidus, himself a former varsity swimmer.

He said student-athletes typically become well-rounded graduates.

“It helps you later in life to be able to handle the stresses of multi-tasking and multiple responsibilities and it creates a person who is more resilient in many ways,” he said.

Brock Sports Director Neil Lumsden said it’s important to recognize the work student-athletes put in.

“When they achieve this level academically, it’s really impressive and it’s a great thing for the University to tell people that these aren’t just jocks coming to school. They’re motivated, highly-respected in the University and they’re just that cut-above.”

The 2016-17 Academic All-Canadian recipients from the Faculty of Health Sciences along with Dean Peter Tiidus, left, and presenter Brian Roy, right.

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Ryan Gagnon, Men’s Cross Country

Brett Parent, Men’s Cross Country

Brendan Sanders, Men’s Cross Country

Eric Bradey, Men’s Curling

Jonah Mondloch, Men’s Curling

Clinton Windsor, Men’s Hockey

Brandon Pilon, Men’s Soccer

Alvin Fortaleza, Men’s Track

Damon Currie, Men’s Volleyball

Lucas Filice, Men’s Volleyball

James Parkinson, Men’s Volleyball

Matthew Ragogna, Men’s Volleyball

Felipe Souza da Costa, Men’s Volleyball

Timothy Spisar, Men’s Volleyball

Lauren Calvert, Women’s Curling

Terri Weeks, Women’s Curling

Annie Berg, Women’s Hockey

Kaitlyn Colonna, Women’s Hockey

Stephanie Loukes, Women’s Hockey

Kailey Peirson, Women’s Hockey

Larissa Aiken, Women’s Soccer

Brooke Boekestyn, Women’s Soccer

Shana O’Grady, Women’s Soccer

Amileigh Du Toit, Women’s Swimming

Celine     Funk, Women’s Swimming

Emily Brooks, Women’s Track

Michaela Point, Women’s Track

Anna Wojtis, Women’s Track

Hannah Davenhill, Women’s Volleyball

Emily Earle, Women’s Volleyball

Darby Taylor, Women’s Volleyball

Indira Moores, Women’s Wrestling


The 2016-17 Academic All-Canadian recipients from the Faculty of Education along with Dean Michael Owen, left, and presenter Brian Roy, right.

Faculty of Education

Michael Pavela, Men’s Soccer

Thomas Novakovich, Men’s Volleyball

Paulina Sergnese, Women’s Cross Country

Holly Murphy, Women’s Rugby

Kelsey Smith, Women’s Rugby

Rachael Daniels, Women’s Soccer

Natasha Susman, Women’s Soccer

Rachel Nogard, Women’s Swimming

Monica Binotto, Women’s Track

Virginia Hlacar, Women’s Track

Karlinna O’Leary, Women’s Volleyball

Emily Schaefer, Women’s Wrestling


Faculty of Humanities recipient of the 2016-17 Academic All-Canadian award Matthew Jagas with presenter Brian Roy.

Faculty of Humanities

Matthew Jagas, Men’s Wrestling


The 2016-17 Academic All-Canadian recipients from the Faculty of Math and Science along with Dean Ejaz Ahmed, left, and presenter Brian Roy, right.

Faculty of Math and Science

Julian Filice, Men’s Swimming

Marcelo Muniz Correa, Men’s Volleyball

Samuel Jagas, Men’s Wrestling

Alexandra Symonds, Women’s Basketball

Renee Helmer, Women’s Volleyball


The 2016-17 Academic All-Canadian recipients from the Faculty of Social Sciences along with Dean Ingrid Makus (second from right) and presenter Brian Roy.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Patrick Volpe, Men’s Hockey

Ana Caldeira Rua, Women’s Basketball

Cassandra Hinz, Women’s Cross Country

Amarije Barnes, Women’s Rugby

Torrence Bostock, Women’s Rugby

Emma Alderton, Women’s Track

Lauren Kniewasser, Women’s Volleyball


The 2016-17 Academic All-Canadian recipients from the Goodman School of Business along with Vice-President, Administration Brian Hutchings, left, and presenter Brian Roy, right.

Goodman School of Business

Ryan Bennett, Men’s Basketball

Alexander Brooks-Potts, Men’s Hockey

Evan Morden, Men’s Hockey

Alexander Martynek, Men’s Swimming

Mitchell Taylor, Men’s Volleyball

Mark Rosati, Men’s Wrestling

Baelie Campbell, Women’s Basketball

Brittany Murphy, Women’s Cross Country

Brenna Murphy, Women’s Hockey

Sarah Fabris, Women’s Rugby

Freya Lewis, Women’s Swimming

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