Thrive Week and Bell Let’s Talk to focus on positive mental health at Brock

In conjunction with Bell Let’s Talk initiatives, Brock University’s first-ever Thrive Week will be held from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2.

Thrive Week includes a series of events focused on building positive mental health. Everyone in the Brock community, including faculty, staff and students, is invited to learn positive mental health strategies by attending a Thrive event, or by using the #LetsThriveBrockU hashtag.

Brock Health Promotion Educator Julie brought together a team of Brock staff and students to work together to create Brock’s Thrive week.

“We read about the University of British Columbia’s Thrive Week and saw the impact it had on their community,” said Fennell. “We thought a proactive approach to mental health would be an excellent way to support our students and staff on campus. We saw a need for this same platform to showcase all of the great initiatives that Brock campus partners are hosting to support mental health.”

Fennell said getting everyone involved is important.

“Thrive Week connects faculty, staff and students and helps everyone realize that mental health issues can impact anyone,” she said.

A full calendar of events can be found at and

“The week is dedicated to showcasing different strategies and skills to assist individuals in coping with their everyday mental health,” said Student Transitions Co-ordinator Sheena Erhardt. “Although Thrive Week is just one week, the team’s goal is to show that Brock has all of these great events and campaigns available on campus all year round.”

In collaboration with Thrive Week, the Students-at-Risk Case Team is introducing a new way to help students that you may be concerned about. If you notice signs of distress that may include marked changes in behaviour, declining attendance, self-harming behaviours, suicide ideation, feelings of expressed hopelessness, a decline in hygiene, or other concerning behaviour, please use the referral form located on the Students-at-Risk website and click “Submit a concern” on the right-hand side.

If you have an emergency, please dial 911. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Darryl Veld, Manager of Student Affairs, at 905-688-5550 x4041, or by email at

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