New digs unveiled for women’s basketball team

Since arriving at Brock University last summer, coach Ashley MacSporran has been trying to give a whole new look to the Badgers women’s basketball program.

Now, the team has a new locker room to match its new vision.

Assistant athletics director Chris Critelli, herself a legendary former women’s basketball player for whom the Ontario University Athletics championship trophy is named, helped unveil the renovated room in Walker Sports Complex Wednesday morning.

“It has changed the feel and vibe of things,” MacSporran said. “The girls will have a higher-level of respect for their workouts and everything they’re doing on campus. They treat that area with a higher level of respect now.”

The dressing room has a new floor, individual wooden stalls, new paint and a giant Badger logo on the wall.

“We used to have mismatched metal lockers, and there was an old couch in there. But now we can establish what that locker room is meant for and really show it off to new recruits and potential donors,” said MacSporran.

The team kicked off their training camp and moved into the renovated room on the weekend — to positive reviews from the players.

“This team room compared to what we had before is night and day,” said veteran Badgers guard Baelie Campbell. “This is such a good atmosphere for us to get ready in. We’re mentally and physically preparing in a Badgers-filled room with our jerseys all hung in there. It just puts us in a very good mindset.”

“With everything we’ve been doing — our new vision, new outlook, our involvement in the community, focusing on our grades — everything has been about a new change and this kind of wraps it all up,” MacSporran said. “This lays a foundation and will have a lasting legacy on future Badgers.”

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