Traves urges Brock community to have say in #futuring campaign

President Tom Traves is urging the Brock community to get engaged and have a say in an important discussion about Ontario’s future — and the role the University will play.

Brock is working with the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) to gain insight into the hopes and concerns students and families have when thinking about the future of the province.

Through the #futuring campaign launched last fall, community input has been sought through an online survey on topics such as the economy, research and innovation, jobs, technology and environmental sustainability.

The campaign aims to help define the role universities can play in shaping Ontario of the future.

Feedback will continue to be collected until the end of June, when the findings will be compiled, analyzed and used to develop a policy report to be released in 2018. The report will be used to make recommendations to the government and to highlight the work universities are doing to help create a better future for Ontario.

“This is an opportunity for students, their families, and the entire Niagara community to share with the University what worries and excites them about the future — and how we can help to address those concerns,” said Traves, who encouraged everyone interested to take a few minutes to express their thoughts.

“That information will allow Brock to become more responsive to the needs of our students and prospective students moving forward.”

Since the survey’s launch, more than 6,000 responses have been received from across the province.

The survey explores what skills students and parents believe Ontarians will need to prepare for the future, such as leadership qualities, entrepreneurial spirit, problem solving or communications experience.

It also solicits opinions on how strong industries and jobs can be created in the future, growing service sectors can be strengthened, artists can be supported, natural heritage protected, and health and wellbeing promoted.

The campaign, which involves all 21 Ontario universities, strives to gather input from not only students and families, but also businesses, health and social service agencies, arts and culture creators, researchers, non-profit organizations and governments.

More information about the campaign is available at

In addition to taking the online survey, people are encouraged to join the conversation on social media using @futuringON and #futuring.




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