Brock Suites launching to meet demand for more upper-year housing

Brock’s Department of Residences is answering the call for more on-campus upper-year living space.

On-campus residences are the predominant choice for first-year Brock students, but many say they would like to stay on campus in the subsequent years. To fill that request, the Department of Residences is launching Brock Suites, which will see the expansion of on-campus upper-year living space.

“When we surveyed students about their residence experience, upper-year students like to have a little more freedom, like to pay month to month, and like to live with other upper-year and grad students. But they also would like more opportunities to remain in residence on campus, allowing them to enhance their student experience,” said Jamie Fleming, Director of Residences, “This is an opportunity to provide the students what they want.”

Brock opened Gateway Suites at the corner of Sir Isaac Brock Way and John MacDonnell Street last September, and the 86-bed building is completely full this year.

Starting for the 2017-18 academic year students in their second year and higher will be able to live in other nearby residences. In fact, students can extend their academic year contract to the Spring/Summer months at a reduced rate beginning this summer.

“We’re going to expand those offerings into Quarry View. We have the opportunity to provide significantly more space for upper-year students and grad students if the demand is there, and we think it is,” says Fleming, “We are also featuring “all-in” billing, which means no additional monthly costs for wireless internet, utilities, cable, and parking.”

Quarry View residences have four bedrooms in each unit and students will be able to select who they would like to share a unit with.

“If they don’t have a full suite, that’s fine, we’ll put them with others, but what they’ll know is that they’ll be assigned to live with other upper-year students,” Fleming says.

Full pricing details are available on the Brock Suites website, but living expenses are paid monthly for the upper-year students, and the cost, which starts at a 12-month average of $695 per month for those signing both the academic year contract and the extended Spring/Summer contract, includes rent, utilities, internet, cable, laundry and a Brock parking pass.

Gateway Suites

Brock University’s Gateway Suites with a rendering of a Brock Suites sign.

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