Brock in the News – October 8-14

Trump video prompts global revelations of sexual assault

In the wake of the sexual assault allegations against U.S. Presidential nominee Donald Trump, Brock University Child and Youth professor Shauna Pomerantz discusses how social media has facilitated violence against women in the Toronto Star, Metro News, Hamilton Spectator and The Record.

Canada’s women lagging behind in the workplace

This week, Rabble published an op-ed penned by Kate Bezanson, Chair of the Department of Sociology, as she gets into the root of one question: Where are all the women in the workplace?

Can the mayor still govern?

As the London community casts their opinions on mayor Matt Brown mid-way through his term, Political Science professor Zachary Spicer advises in the London Free Press that the mayor should be completely transparent with the community and then get back to business.

A look at the booming pot industry

The National Post takes a look at the municipal impact of legalizing marijuana, with Health Sciences professor Dan Malleck offering his input on how cities should approach the situation.

Staying healthy may help golf performance

Kinesiology professor Brian Roy gives athletes tips on how to work a healthy diet into their day, and the effect it has on their performance: Business Insider, Philly, and Express Tribune

Literary festival being held in St. Catharines

Celebrated Canadian authors will be gathering in St. Catharines this weekend for a literary festival organized by a group of professors in the Faculty of Humanities at Brock: Niagara this Week


Top stories from the last two weeks continue to receive widespread media attention:

‘Marsquakes’ could point the way to life on the red planet

Canadian Geographic

How the Zika virus could make its way north

News Week and InfoBarrel

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