Brock joins province-wide discussion with students and parents

Brock University is getting involved in a province-wide conversation about how universities can be more responsive to the hopes and concerns of students and their families.

Brock and the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) want to know what excites and concerns families when it comes to the future.

The COU kicked off the #futuring campaign Friday at an event at the Ontario Universities Fair.

“The campaign is reaching out to students and their families to find out opinions on everything from the economy and jobs to environmental sustainability and technology,” said Gord Hunchak, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at Brock. “Taking the pulse of what’s important to people will help make Brock more responsive to the needs of our students and prospective students.”

Students and parents are asked to participate in an online survey and Brock will reach out to the broader community throughout the year-long campaign, asking businesses, health and social service agencies, arts and culture creators, researchers, non-profits and governments what they think about the future.

“We’re asking people ‘what keeps you up at night?’” says David Lindsay, President and CEO of COU, noting the initiative involves all 21 Ontario universities. “The world is changing so quickly and in ways we couldn’t have imagined possible. Disruptive technology, demographic shifts and globalization bring tremendous opportunities, but all that uncertainty can also make people anxious. Universities want to have a conversation about what we can all do together to help shapetomorrow, and to make sure no one is left behind.”

Survey questions include what skills students and parents think Ontarians need to prepare them for the future. Is it problem-solving, or communication? Just-in-time knowledge, or the ability to adapt to change? Leadership qualities, or an entrepreneurial spirit?

Universities want to hear ideas and advice, for example, on how, together, we can build strong industries and jobs for the future, how we can strengthen our growing service sectors, how we can support our artists, how we can protect our natural heritage and how we can promote good health.

Students, parents, faculty, staff and community members are asked to imagine the future and their place in it, in an online survey at They can also join the conversation on social media @futuringON and #futuring.

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