Brock in the News – August 13-19

Mosquito collection challenging for Zika researchers

A dry summer means several challenges for leading Zika experts, including collecting mosquitos for their research CHCH News and 610CKTB reports. With this challenge, few answers and increasing questions remain.

Inactive kids don’t sleep well at night

Physical activity is the key for youth to getting a healthy nights rest, says Psychology professor Kimberly Cote, explaining to the St. Catharines Standard the correlation between inactivity and poor sleeping habits.

Marijuana legalization will weed out the bad and cultivate the good

Goodman School of Business professor Michael Armstrong pens an op-ed in The Globe and Mail discussing the impending commercialization of marijuana and how legalization will lead to a better experience for consumers.

The story of a separate and unequal Canadian health care system

As Canadians continue to learn more about the history of the Indigenous community, Professor Maureen Lux shines an important light on what is less talked about: the divide in health care for this community during the 1970’s: CBC

Why those warnings to ‘keep hydrated’ are hogwash

The common belief that people must drink between two to 2.5 litres of water each day isn’t all that correct, professor Stephen Cheung reports in the Daily Mail UK, explaining that too much water could actually be unhealthy.

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