Camp21 teaches educators to use tech in the classroom

On July 13-14 over 200 educators will be off to camp.

The Faculty of Education, in collaboration with Microsoft, will be hosting an interactive professional development event on technology in the classroom called Camp21 – empowering 21st century learning.

With sessions from novice to expert, K-12 educators, teacher candidates and Brock instructors will all be taking part in the two-day event. 

In 2010, Kyle Tuck, system administrator and technician with the Faculty of Education, reached out to Microsoft and partnership was made which continues to grow, blossoming into events such as Camp21.

“This event highlights the Faculty of Education’s ongoing partnership with Microsoft Canada and the Microsoft Educator Network,” said Professor Camille Rutherford. “This partnership has allowed members of the Brock education community to benefit from access to the resources and professional development opportunities provided by this global technology leader as both organizations work together to foster tech-enabled teaching and learning.” 

With over half a dozen sessions available, participants will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill base in areas such as Office 365, OneNote, and many other Microsoft platforms and educational technologies. 

The passion for 21st technology and how to integrate it into classrooms is a big draw, with Camp21 selling out quickly; currently there is a 30-plus person waiting list. 

There will be an additional Brock flavour to the camp as Brock Teacher Education and AQ Instructor Zoe Branigan-Pipe will be one of the Camp21 presenters, sharing her expertise in how to use Minecraft to foster creativity, collaboration and problem solving.

Branigan-Pipe will be joined by Garrett Zimmerman, Minecrafter and Youtuber, to talk about Minecraft and how this open-ended play-based tool connects to the curriculum and is supported by pedagogical frameworks including Inquiry, Design-thinking and Constructionism. 

“Ever since I can remember, as an educator, I am drawn to tools and resources that are collaborative in nature, allow for many different entry points and skill levels, and enhance students’ ability to communicate and have fun while doing so,” said Branigan-Pipe. “Minecraft has all of these.” 

In addition to being a Hamilton Wentworth classroom teacher, Branigan-Pipe is also a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator who was selected to represent Canada at the 2014 Microsoft Global Forum in Barcelona, Spain.

For more information on Camp21 click here.

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