Brock launches security program to thwart hackers

Last year, 60 Brock email accounts were compromised because people fell victim to illegal phishing scams.

Another 22 technology thefts took place on campus, including stolen laptops and mobile phones.

Universities are a favourite target for criminals, and Brock needs your help to keep them at bay.

“Security in general has become the main focus for post-secondary institutions as they are deemed easy targets by hackers,” said David Cullum, Vice-President of Information Technology Services. “Brock alone blocks thousands of attacks from all over the globe.”

ITS is launching a Security Awareness Program to help faculty, staff, students and guests of the University make safer use of technology at home and at work.

The goal is to have a security-aware community where people “think before they click.”

When you avoid being compromised, your own technology at home will be safer, and so will Brock’s. Brock has invested in various technologies to help protect the University from cyber security threats, but the best protection starts with you.

“These hackers are getting smarter every day in the tools they use and we need to do our part to take these threats seriously and protect Brock data and assets and our own personal data and assets,” Cullum said.

The Security Awareness Program will consist of a series of campaigns, each lasting one to two months. The first campaign starts today and focuses on phishing. In the coming days you’ll see posters and other materials reinforcing the message that no banks, investment firms, app stores or Brock University will ever send you an email requesting your login or confidential information like passwords.

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Just remember, “You are the target”, so “Think before you click.”

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