Updated campus plan going to University Board next month

An update to Brock University’s campus plan is a roadmap for evolution.

“It’s the future land and facility vision for Brock over the next 30 years,” said Vice-President of Administration Brian Hutchings.

He said the plan helps define the vision for Brock’s lands and buildings and how they support the University’s academic priorities.

It’s a long-term framework for the evolution and future growth of the campus, he said.

Hutchings said the campus plan updates the one completed in 2003.

“If the 2003 plan hadn’t existed, we wouldn’t have Plaza Building or Cairns,” he said.

He likened the campus plan to what cities do when planning for growth and development.

The plan details a structure of development sites, open space, vehicular and pedestrian movement and guidelines for campus expansion.

Benjamin Hoff, senior associate with Urban Strategies Inc., said the updated plan reflects the academic priorities and objectives of Brock while responding to the needs of the University and the surrounding area.

He said one of the development areas studied is lands owned by Brock east of the main campus, at the corner of Glendridge Ave. and Sir Isaac Brock Way.

“There’s a focus on expanding the campus to the east and significant change in the east campus area as a mixed-use hub,” he said.

Hutchings said the University is working with Thorold, Niagara Region and St. Catharines. One thing they are all on the same page about is the importance of showcasing the Niagara escarpment.

“We really want to celebrate the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve,” he said.

Hoff said the atrium student service centre project is included in the campus plan as well as enhanced development of an east/west corridor.

“We’ve established the framework for growth,” he said. “It’s very much understanding the opportunities on the plan on a very site-specific basis.”

The updated plan is slated to go before the University’s Board of Directors in January.

Hutchings said once it’s approved, a facilities needs and planning analysis will take place followed by a utilities plan.

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