New grad diploma program in Goodman School of Business

Expertise in business is useful in all sectors of Canada’s job market, from manufacturing and retail to non-profit and corporate.

Brock University’s new Graduate Diploma in Business Administration is geared to Niagara professionals looking to upgrade their skills and undergraduate students who want to pair their degree with business expertise.

“This program meets the needs of the local community and makes the school of business more accessible, with more options,” said Prof. Ernest Biktimirov, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs, Goodman School of Business.

Applications for the January 2016 and September 2016 terms are already being accepted.

Biktimirov said the diploma program is primarily comprised of the first five required credits of Goodman’s popular Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program.

“It is designed to provide individuals with a breadth of knowledge across key functional areas of business,” he said. “The skills from this graduate diploma will make students much more employable.

“Business degrees teach individuals skills that can be applied to a wide spectrum of professional careers.”

Given the program’s short duration, Biktimirov said it is especially attractive to working professionals in Niagara as well as Brock graduates from non-business disciplines looking to gain skills to aid them in a managerial position or entrepreneurial endeavor.

“Graduate diploma programs are becoming very popular, particularly among working professionals who are looking to acquire post-graduate academic credentials,” said Prof. Mike Plyley, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. “Brock’s MBA program is well established and the diploma program is a natural addition to the Goodman School of Business. Those choosing to go the diploma route will find it a highly intensive path of study. Professionals choosing this path will be able to apply existing skills and experiences to enhance their credentials as they continue in their careers.”

Biktimirov said if candidates have significant managerial experience, they could receive conditional acceptance that exempts them from some admission requirements, such as taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or achieving a minimum undergraduate average.

The diploma program is normally a two-term, one-year program for full-time students. The program is also available to people interested in part-time study.

Currently, there are approximately 1,700 graduate students at Brock pursuing degrees at the master’s and doctoral levels. Brock’s 46 graduate programs emphasize engagement in research, scholarship and professional development.

For more information on the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration visit the website.

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